Commit 935e38d2 authored by Nikolai R Kristiansen's avatar Nikolai R Kristiansen
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Host: Make ipv6 enabled sortable++

parent 2fd8001b
......@@ -48,29 +48,26 @@ class HostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
actions = ['set_installable']
def mac_addresses(host):
def mac_addresses(self, host):
addresses = host.interface_set.filter(macaddr__isnull=False).values_list('macaddr', flat=True)
return ", ".join(addresses)
def ip_addresses(host):
def ip_addresses(self, host):
addresses = host.interface_set.filter(ip4address__isnull=False).values_list('ip4address__address', flat=True)
return ", ".join(addresses)
def in_domain(host):
def in_domain(self, host):
domains = host.interface_set.values_list('domain__domain_name', flat=True)
return ",".join(domains)
in_domain.short_description = "in domains"
def ipv6_enabled(host):
def ipv6_enabled(self, host):
ipv6_ifs = host.interface_set.annotate(num_ipv6=Count('ip6address')).filter(num_ipv6__gt=0)
return ipv6_ifs.exists()
ipv6_enabled.boolean = True
ipv6_enabled.admin_order_field = 'ipv6_enabled'
def _get_host_warning_message(host, ifs):
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