Commit cd3ea818 authored by Nikolai R Kristiansen's avatar Nikolai R Kristiansen

Remove surounding "'s from userToken

parent 2045a385
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......@@ -35,9 +35,10 @@ export async function migrateReduxPersistFourToFive(registerUserSuccess) {
const userToken = await AsyncStorage.getItem(userTokenKey);
console.log(userTokenKey, userToken);
const user = await AsyncStorage.getItem(userKey);
console.log(userKey, user, JSON.parse(user));
registerUserSuccess({ auth_token: userToken, ...JSON.parse(user) });
registerUserSuccess({ auth_token: JSON.parse(userToken), ...JSON.parse(user) });
await AsyncStorage.multiRemove(v4Keys);
console.log('successfully migrated to new redux-persist');
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